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Usage Elucidation

2018-08-14 1889

1. Direction: 
The glow stick is made up of plastic container and glass container with different liquid. To activate the product, bend the outer plastic container, shake, making the liquids in the glass and plastic containers mix fully to generate the best light.

2. Light time:
The light stick at room temperature should continue to produce light for approximately 8 hours to 48 hours. We can make the light time by your request. The duration and intensity of the light stick varies inversely: the longer the duration of light, the lower the light intensity; the greater the intensity of light, the shorter its duration.

3. Security:
Safety authentication has been passed, such as CE, En71 and ISO9001 etc.

4. Transport and keep:
Don’t leave the light stick in the direct sun or expose to high temperatures ?this can cause leakage. If the original wrapper, package, or tube has not been damaged, the product should have a shelf life of one to two years, depending on the size and type of product.

5. Color of the products:
Color of the products: The color of the products is as follows, red , pink , orange , yellow , green , yellowish green , blue , sky blue , purple , white.

6. occasion of use:
Can be used in: Special Events, Party, Bars, Nightclubs, concert, dance hall, camping, banquet, festival, celebration, outing fields, etc. Chemical dependable light sources produce no heat, flame, or sparks, are unaffected by wind or rain. And it may be used in areas of combustible gasses or liquids where ordinary light sources might pose an explosion or fire hazard.